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Welcome to the official RedLight Studio homepage. We compose and produce Dance and Rap - in Danish. Just below are some of our latest releases for you to hear, then a section with some other stuff we are working on in the studio - if curious, you can check The Archive where you can check out all the stuff we have been working on.
There's a lot of music in this section, so grab your headset and turn up the volume. We make some pretty good sound on our tracks :)

february 2017

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GieZ Live @ Albertsville part 3

10 minutes more - a little faster, House with some Trance elements here and there. Warning; almost addictive!

Cover for GieZ live @ Albertsville part 3
playbutton for GieZ Ambassador part 3

GieZ Live @ Albertsville part 2

The next 10 min. of a Live House DJset by GieZ, primarily JRTI - just read the instructions, just click play :)

Cover for GieZ live @ Albertsville part 2
playbutton for GieZ live @ Albertsville part 2

GieZ Live @ Albertsville part 1

First 10 min of a Live House DJset af GieZ. Party's starting with OCISLY - off course I still love you! quick, press Play :)

Cover for GieZ live @ Albertsville part 1
playbutton for GieZ live @ Albertsville part 1

GieZ Zanzibar feat. JayH

A track to honour Abi, who passed away at Zanzibar. A slightly different track by GieZ, cosy and relaxed, enjoy :)

Cover for GieZ track Zanzibar
playbutton for GieZ Zanzibar

Titelline; other projects

Other projects in the studio:


GieZ medley præsenteret af Abi
play button til GieZ medley

Here you can listen to a medley of GieZ productions, almost like a 15 minutes DJ set , as usual with Abi behind the microphone. Best enjoyed with good volume!

Illinton & GieZ

Illinton og GieZ has known each other for years, sharing a common musical ground - in spite of Illintons many years of working and living in London and Ibiza, Spain. This lead to a teamwork in RedLight Studio, you can hear some snippets from this right here.

Illinton & GieZ
play button for Illinton & GieZ medley

Illinton og GieZ has made a super thight Minimal Electro House album, Processed. This is the illest 14 minutes presentation, you need to click this. Abi will guide you thru, sounds best with the volume cranked up to 11!

Jacob da Cunha

We are gathering material for an album with Jacob da Cunha. Work in progress, by spring, we should have a couple of videos on You Tube with new material. Stay tuned.

Jacob da Cunha
play button for Jacob da Cunha medley

Click play to hear a 10 minutes medley with Jacob da Cunha, DJ Abi, this time speaking Danish. Sounds good though, so a bit volume please.

Abi had his last session!

Abi at Cee at Trianglen

Abi has left us for the big DJ set in heaven. Abi died in his beloved Zanzibar 8. of june 2015, leaving a big gap - we miss you bro, rest in peace.

Abi has been a long time member of the team at RedLight Studio, where his great experience as a DJ came to good use. Abi's leaving a bunch of tracks for the rest of us to work with - Abi would have liked this for sure :)

All kinds of other stuff

Arkivet, older stuff we have made

As the header suggest, a lot of different things. Here we have gathered our previous productions, some danish rap, some pop, some R'n'B and so on. Loads of music and something to read, links to video's and more. Just click the picture to visit The Archive.

Titelline; our releases

RedLight Studio releases:

Here you can get an overview of all of our releases. We've dropped to link out to streaming services and the like, there are too many! You can find all our releases in all common streaming services, Spotify, YouSee Music, iTunes, WiMP, Tidal etc. so you can find us right there where you stream your music from. Below you can hear full versions of our songs, the latest come first, you'll do the clicking. Enjoy :)

GieZ, cover for Ambassador part 3
playbutton for GieZ track Ambassador part 3

GieZ, cover for Ambassador part 2
play button for GieZ track Ambassador part 2

GieZ, cover for Ambassador part 1
play button for GieZ track Ambassador part 1

GieZ feat. Anna Bjerning cover til Allways The Sun
play button for GieZ track Allways The Sun feat. Anna Bjerning

GieZ feat. Anne-Claire Theissen, cover til Bolivar
play button for GieZ track Bolivar

GieZ track We're Gonna Play
play button for GieZ track Intelligence Artificielle

GieZ feat. Anne-Claire Theissen, cover til Intelligence Artificielle
play button for GieZ track Intelligence Artificielle

Jacob da Cunha, cover til Send Dem Hjem
play button for Jacob da Cunhas track, Send Dem Hjem

Sabeniano & da Cunha, cover til Min Fødselsdag
play button for Sabeniano & da Cunhas track, Fødselsdag

Sabeniano & da Cunha, cover til Knokler
play button for Sabeniano & da Cunhas track, Knokler

Cover til U Need Us
play button for GieZ U Need Us

Cover til This Robot
play button for GieZ track This Robot Needs To Learn How To Walk

Cover til Artificial Flower
play button for GieZ track Artificial Flower

Cover til GieZ The Ambient Room Remasteret
play button for GieZ Tha Ambient Room remasteret

Cover til Jacob da Cunha, Sexy Du Sexy
play button for Jacob da Cunhas track, Sexy Du Sexy

Cover til Jacob da Cunha, Vil Du Virkelig Være Min Kæreste
play button for Jacob da Cunhas track, Vil Du Virkelig Være Min Kæreste

Cover til Anna Bjerning, Når Du Rør Mig
play button for Anna Bjernings track, Når Du Rør Mig

Cover til Jayhs Workshop
play button for Jayhs Workshop, et medley

Shelah album cover No Illusion
play button for Shelah This Is No Illusion, a medley

Shelah single cover First Place
play button for Shelahs first single First Place
Titelline; Info about RedLight Studio

RedLight Studio, background and info:

Info about RedLight Studio

RedLight Studio was establised in Copenhagen 1. of maj 2001 by GieZ and Jayh. From starters, the studio was ment to be a creative collaboration with the benefit of gathering experience and studio gear. Since, the studio has moved to bigger and lighter rooms in Albertslund, Copenhagen.
The studio is not a trditionelle studio for rent, more our production outlet and independent record label - which is why we don't recommend to send us demos and so!


RedLight Studio is situated in Albertslund, Copenhagen. All queries at:


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GieZ bio:

GieZ is cofounder and chief of RedLight Studio. GieZ started doing EDM (before it was called so) in 1990, while having a job at the no.1 club in Copenhagen, Daddys. Here, he networks with the local scene and USA. GieZ releases his first album, The Ambient Room, in the States, 1996, followed up by a long series of single releases world wide. In the hood was a certain Mr. Illinton, which had had a couple of solid hit's with his Dr. Baker project. Later on this leads to a studio collaboration, ending with the album , Processed by Illinton & GieZ, released in London. We have a player up on the page with a medley from the album.
In continuation to this, GieZ has released an EP and contributed on several compilations at the same label. Today GieZ works on his own productions, EDM and some danish rap and pop, sometimes with tracks from external producers.

GieZ Discography

GieZ discography logo

Clicking on the image takes you to a page with GieZ' discography - his total releases.

Some links:

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Our Facebook profil

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Our Wordpress blog is about studio tech, spread out on the following articles:
- How to put a music studio together
- How to use a microphone and a compressor
- How to regulate acustics in the studio
- How to make a vocal box on a budget
Watch out, a lot to read ;)

our SoundCloud logo

Here is the link to our studio profile on Soundcloud if you prefer to hear your music there.

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Here is a link to GieZ 'ReverbNation profile. It is an American side reminiscent of what MySpace was once just a quite part smarter. Out here there is 18-20 numbers, some of them are not available on this site. You can of course check it out :)

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And then Beatport, here you can find some GIEZ tracks not to find on the page here.

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